13 Apr 2022 Blog

NoTraffic Helps Tell NVIDIA GTC22 Keynote Story!

NVIDIA GTC 2022, NVIDIA’s Annual Conference, lived up to high expectation this year bringing together developers, inventors, researchers, and professionals focusing on real-world applications of AI.

Every year the conference kicks off with an inspiring keynote by NVIDIA Co-Founder & CEO Jensen Huang, and this year’s talk didn’t disappoint. Packed full of the latest news in AI, Omniverse, and beyond, it was bought to us as an exploration of the company’s new computing platforms, advances in robotics and highlighted the virtual breakthroughs transforming a wide variety of industries.

We became part of their story…

A leading AI traffic solution by NoTraffic

NoTraffic was featured as one of  the leading companies shaping our exciting future with AI during Jensen’s introduction video – I AM AI. A journey exploring the world of artificial intelligence and introducing the companies using this technology’s compute power, tools, and algorithms to further their work. We are proud to be just one of the innovators highlighted in a film full of the worlds most influential companies working in this space.

Watch the I AM AI Video in full here:

NoTraffic joins the new AI Accelerator Program

The keynote continued with NVIDIA’s latest product launches, models, and packages – including the NVIDIA H100 Hopper, the Omniverse OVX Server and many others. NoTraffic were also announced as joining the new AI Accelerator Program further strengthening our partnership with NVIDIA. A program enabling us to leverage their AI platform, its expansive libraries, and SDKs to build accelerated AI applications for our customers.

Watch Jensen’s full keynote talk below:

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