Make an Impact

While technology surrounding us is constantly evolving and improving every aspect of our life, Traffic Management has seen very little progress since its inception, over 100 years ago. At NoTraffic, we have set out to revolutionize the transportation domain by introducing some much needed innovation to a heavily neglected industry. NoTraffic is not only making everyone's daily commute more enjoyable, we are also reducing accidents and CO2 emissions.

Growth & Development

While we strive for the best and therefore look for the best, we also care about your personal growth. At NoTraffic you will enjoy a vibrant environment, a great opportunity to expand your scope in various fields. We pride ourselves with the many employees who had the chance to explore new disciplines within the company. If you’re one of those people who's not just looking for a job, but want to do something significant, you belong with us.

Join a winning team

At NoTraffic you will find a great team that genuinely enjoys working together. Our offices are filled with energy and laughter. We work and eat together, and even hang out after work. Our philosophy is all in favor of creating the best working environment for our employees.