The World’s First Autonomous Traffic Management Platform

CES 2020

NoTraffic at The Global Stage for Innovation


Problem is piling up
  • 90 million

    Over 90 million new vehicles are introduced to roads every year

  • 12%

    Annual increase of 12% in traffic congestion

  • 40%

    40% of car accidents occur at the intersection

And yet 99% of signalized intersections are still running on fixed timing plans


NoTraffic has developed the first AI-powered traffic signal platform that connects road users to the city grid, solving today’s traffic challenges while unlocking mobility benefits for the cities.

03The future.


NoTraffic is preparing cities for the connected and autonomous era which disrupt change, not just for transportation but also SAFETY and the entire new way of life…

  • future asset image

    Micro payments

  • future asset image

    Micro mobility

  • future asset image

    New business models

  • future asset image

    Customized services for road users

  • future asset image

    Proactive accident prevention

Benefits of the platform per intersection, annually:



stat icon lag
Hours saved



stat icon car
co2 emissions reduced

up to 70%

stat icon money
cost reduction