Future of Mobility

Digitizing infrastructure

NoTraffic is laying the digital and physical foundation
for the future of mobility. Enabling a variety of
customized services and solutions
for ALL road users.

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Digitizing Infrastructure

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NoTraffic’s unique capability fuses data from connected vehicles (V2X) with data generated by NoTraffic’s intelligent sensors, to deliver the next generation of pedestrian and vehicle safety:

  • Complementing “blind spots” in relation to non-connected objects such as children, animals, or obstructions
  • Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) messaging for improved driver decision
  • Detecting Red Light Runner (RLR) and alerting road users in the vicinity
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Personalized service

The NoTraffic sensors intelligently distinguish between all types of road users. This fine-grained data allows city officials to customize various levels of services to specified vehicles such as: garbage trucks, snowplows and even commercial fleets.

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The popularity of scooters and bicycles is growing rapidly. While solving the last mile problem, it is creating a growing challenge on the roads.
NoTraffic can detect and take into consideration these types of road users and serve them. The AI algorithms can also quickly learn to detect any new type of transportation and add it to its considerations while operating traffic flow.

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Data Fusion

Fusing data from multiple inputs, will allow cities to make more intelligent decisions and offer a better service and experience to its citizens. In the near future, buses will receive priority based on capacity and time schedule while routing data from navigation apps, will be used to help divert traffic in real-time, based on origin-destination data of ALL road users.

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Road as a Service (RaaS)

The ability to digitize road infrastructure is becoming more crucial than ever as we transform to a Road-as-a-Service model. NoTraffic enables agencies to implement their various policies, micro payments, reverse payments or personalized tolls.

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preparing roads for the future

NoTraffic is a turnkey traffic management platform solving today’s traffic challenges while preparing roads for the connected era. Deploying NoTraffic, transforms any traffic signal into smart infrastructure capable of understanding the complete traffic picture and responding in real time to all road users.

The system fuses data collected from connected vehicles via DSRC or LTE with data generated by NoTraffic’s intelligent edge sensors to optimize traffic flows in real-time and reduce accidents. Implementation of this technology constitutes a significant breakthrough in the field of communications between road users and traffic infrastructure and is a fundamental milestone in the smart mobility era.

A robust wireless communication network is the foundation for connected transportation systems. Reliable and seamless Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) data communication is the critical component of Connected Vehicle Technology and the future of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).