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NoTraffic is leading the way in developing technology for intelligent traffic
management and control. They are bound to be a major player in the era
of connected and autonomous vehicles.

Prof. Nathan Gartner,

Inventor of the first algorithm for real-time optimization of signalized
intersections. MIT, Toronto, Technion, Francis College


By fusing sensors with artificial intelligence, NoTraffic provides a technology
solution to our everyday transportation  challenges: improving safety and
reducing traffic congestion.

Victor Mendez,

Former Deputy Secretary of Transportation, US DOT Administrator of the
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)


NoTraffic’s approach is nothing less than revolutionary with implications for
auto makers developing in-vehicle systems, for cities trying to get “smarter,”
for wireless companies looking for a leg-up on connected infrastructure
opportunities, and for existing ITSsuppliers to rethink their strategies and
product development priorities. NoTraffic is disrupting the relatively sleepy ITS
sector with the ultimate goal of saving lives, time, andmoney while reducing

Roger C. Lanctot

Market analyst

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We invest in exceptional founders and were fortunate to partner up with not only
amazing founders, but a unique, world class set of advisors. The company’s
holistic solution that delivers incredible value from Day 1 is future-proof,
paving the road to a fully connected transportation system. We look forward
to the journey that awaits.

Yaniv Golan

General Partner, LOOL ventures


Prior to investing in NoTraffic we have looked into numerous companies in the
mobility / transport-tech space. NoTraffic caught our attention immediately
due to the simple fact that they solve a big and growing problem Today!!!
While most solutions will be used in the next 10 years, NoTraffic supplies
immediate value, that will only grow when the connected & autonomous
technologies will finally hit the road. Top this with some of the brightest and
diverse minds in the industry, decision was easy.

Ronen Smooha

Partner, North First Ventures

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Case study

The City of Redlands, California selected NoTraffic to provide a technical demonstration of advanced traffic management tools that could meet the city’s evolving need for ITS solutions. In just two months of optimization, with installations at only 2% of city signals, the NoTraffic platform provided the following benefits to city residents


Direct cost savings


Delay Eliminated


Economic Benefit


Emissions Reduced

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