20 Jul 2022 Blog

NoTraffic Crosses the Border!

A collaboration with Rogers, the largest wireless provider in Canada, spearheads our shared mission to improve everyday life for our communities, by making traffic lights smarter.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Rogers Communications to offer Urban Mobility solutions to Canadian traffic agencies that will reduce traffic congestion, improve safety for all road users, efficiently coordinate the movement of transit and emergency vehicles, and help improve air quality.

NoTraffic will deploy its award winning IoT Platform for Urban Mobility which leverages computer vision, radar, cloud computing, V2X connectivity, and AI/ML technologies to connect intersections to the grid, and “future-proof” them. As part of a wider initiative to expand on its IoT offerings for cities and buildings, Rogers will collaborate with NoTraffic and other partners to deliver a range of new and innovative solutions designed to solve real everyday business challenges while delivering cost savings and environmental benefits.

To talk further about this exciting growth for NoTraffic is Michalia Negri, our VP of Global Partnerships:

How did the NoTraffic and Rogers Business collaboration first evolve?

Michalia: Canada has a history of embracing innovation which makes it an ideal market for NoTraffic to showcase the benefits of our system in a practical way. Our shared vision makes us a great fit for Rogers and joining forces to take on some of humanity’s biggest challenges is an exciting prospect.

In May this year, Rogers and NoTraffic co-sponsored at the annual event of Canada’s Institute of Transportation Engineers in Vancouver, but our relationship actually began earlier. Recently, we concluded a successful deployment of our leading IoT Platform for Urban Mobility in Vancouver, working with Rogers and UBC in their Rogers 5G Smart Transportation Initiative. So, these steps are a continuation of those ongoing projects and another collaborative branch of the company’s North American expansion.

What can you tell us about Canada’s transportation landscape and how NoTraffic can play a key role in transforming it?

Michalia:  Between time wasted sitting in traffic and increased carbon emissions, traffic congestion in Canada is estimated to cost over $7.5 billion annually. The volume of traffic is increasing exponentially for the country and there is a clear need for smarter and innovative city solutions that also cater for vulnerable road users and alternative uses of the road.

The NoTraffic platform reinvents how cities manage their urban transportation networks, empowering city officials and traffic engineers to make informed and near-real time data-based decisions to improve sustainability and traffic efficiency. These life changing improvements are in turn improving the experience of car drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists as well as those using public transport or emergency vehicles.

What will it offer the Canadian residents?

Michalia: Canada is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a strong focus on sustainability is very much on their agenda. The City of Vancouver for example, has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, so collaborating with the private sector and harnessing innovation are pivotal to the City’s efforts. By laying a digital foundation for urban mobility and transforming low-tech infrastructure to support this, NoTraffic believe we will see an unprecedented change in many areas that will, ultimately, make the world a better place to live.

What are the other benefits to this technology?

Michalia: Priority traffic around facilities such as schools or hospitals can be prioritised, and an overall improved traffic flow will ultimately help to reduce the carbon footprint and support the city’s existing efforts towards zero emissions. Safety is a key focus for NoTraffic and other major advantages to Canada’s city planners will be additional intersection safety insights including emergency vehicle pre-emption, public transport prioritization, and more. Technicians will be able to diagnose and manage the system remotely and coordinate the signals to keep the traffic flowing smoothly.

The future is bright – what do you think drives a successful collaboration?

Michalia: It’s vital to have two great teams with vast experience, but a shared vision is really the key to a successful collaboration. NoTraffic is excited to partner with Rogers Communications and believes our common purpose to build smarter, safer, more efficient communities will impact not only everyday life now, but also future generations to come.

Learn how NoTraffic can alleviate congestion in your city. To schedule an introductory call or meeting please reach out to our traffic engineers:  meet.us@notraffic.tech


About NoTraffic

NoTraffic is the leading IoT Platform for Urban Mobility, on a mission to lay the digital foundation for urban mobility globally. The NoTraffic Platform leverages computer vision, cloud computing, V2X connectivity, and AI technologies, transforming low-tech infrastructure to support modern demand.

A TIME100 Most Influential Company for 2022, NoTraffic partners with leading companies as NVIDIA, AT&T, Qualcomm, Rogers, Cox Communications, and others, deploying efficient and affordable technology to improve the quality of life at our communities.

Trusted by dozens of cities and traffic agencies across North America, such as California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Palo Alto, Texas, Phoenix, Tucson, Pennsylvania, and others, NoTraffic is reinventing how cities run and manage their transport networks.

NoTraffic was founded in 2017 by Tal Kreisler, Uriel Katz and Or Sela, with offices in Tel Aviv, Palo Alto, Phoenix, and Kansas City.