14 Jul 2022 Blog

NoTraffic’s Tal Kreisler talks Vacation Traffic Chaos with Nasdaq TradeTalks

NoTraffic’s Co-Founder & CEO Tal Kreisler went LIVE in Times Square, New York City with Nasdaq TradeTalks host Jill Malandrino to talk about the 206 million Americans expected to hit the roads this summer and how AI solutions could help alleviate what is likely to become a major traffic pain.

The excitement to get out onto the roads after two years of restricted schedules is growing and as the sun arrives and the schools are out, the vacation getaways begin. With friends and families setting off on their annual road trips many are predicting a ‘perfect storm’ of hold-up’s, gridlock, and breakdowns. Nasdaq were keen to know what solutions NoTraffic could offer to help mitigate some of these summer traffic concerns.

NoTraffic have developed an AI based traffic management solution that connects different types of road users to whoever is managing the network. Tal explained that there are a whole group of different verticals in terms of mobility that do not integrate or converse with each other. There are vehicles, micro mobility and emergency vehicles all using the same signalized intersection grid to operate yet crucially none of them are communicating. The result can cause a lot of inefficiencies within the system as a whole and result in unsafe situations. This issue forms the basis of the problem that NoTraffic are aiming to solve.

Nasdaq picked up on the keyword of interoperability and asked if the US had the infrastructure to support such innovative technology and allow all these different mechanisms to communicate with each other.

In answer to this, Tal explained that where great advances have been made in domains like automated vehicles and other types of micro mobility, in terms of traffic management there hasn’t been enough progression yet.

‘I think this is a new sector that’s now going through a whole revolution. It’s essential for this kind of vertical to make this leap to support all these types of new mobility.  There is no one solution that will solve everything, all of the verticals need to make this important step’.

NoTraffic are a company offering much more than a traffic management platform dealing with just traffic and congestion. It is a world leading IoT platform for urban mobility and the base for linking together everything that is connected to the smart city ecosystem.

The environmentally friendly option?

The conversation then moved to a sustainability angle with Malandrino asking if the solutions that NoTraffic provide more efficient traffic patterns for, also make it a more environmentally friendly option.

Tal confirmed that with this technology and capabilities installed throughout a city, the potential positive impact on our environment is immense. By leveraging computer vision, AI, and V2X to optimize traffic flow, cities would see much shorter traffic wait times and less carbon emissions due to idling cars and safer intersections. The Co2 reduction they could reach gives a number that could certainly move the needle.

Keen to look forward to the future Malandrino asked what was next for the company. NoTraffic are already working in dozens of cities across North America, seeing great results and confirm that their solution is definitely something they are seeing great adoption for.

‘This is one of those technologies we can actually feel we are improving lives with. The improvement comes in being able to spend half of the time on the roads than you are used too or seeing a reduction in the potential or probability of road accidents and risk. We have already seen it live and we are getting a lot of great support from the communities and cities that we are working with. It’s really exciting and we are happy to expand and scale across North America’.

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About NoTraffic

NoTraffic is the leading IoT Platform for Urban Mobility, on a mission to lay the digital foundation for urban mobility globally. The NoTraffic Platform leverages computer vision, cloud computing, V2X connectivity, and AI technologies, transforming low-tech infrastructure to support modern demand.

A TIME100 Most Influential Company for 2022, NoTraffic partners with leading companies as NVIDIA, AT&T, Qualcomm, Rogers, Cox Communications, and others, deploying efficient and affordable technology to improve the quality of life at our communities.

Trusted by dozens of cities and traffic agencies across North America, such as California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Palo Alto, Texas, Phoenix, Tucson, Pennsylvania, and others, NoTraffic is reinventing how cities run and manage their transport networks.

NoTraffic was founded in 2017 by Tal Kreisler, Uriel Katz and Or Sela, with offices in Tel Aviv, Palo Alto, Phoenix, and Kansas City.