03 Oct 2021 Blog

A Day in the Life of... Kris Milster, Customer Success Manager


// Name and location
Kris Milster, Tampa, Florida

// What is your position?
Customer Success Manager

// What’s the 1st thing you do each morning?
Well, our dogs, Wilbur & Reina, wake me up before sunrise to be fed. They are my natural alarm clock.

// What does your office setup look like? What tools and software you cannot live without?
I work from home, which is great, and my setup is fairly simple I would say. I do use a wired headphones with a microphone, making sure the sound quality is perfect. As a customer success manager I hold daily calls with our customers, product and dev teams – need a top-notch audio quality. I cannot live without WhatsApp and Google Earth, along with Spotify playing my favorite jams.

// When did you join NoTraffic and why?
I joined in the Summer of 2020, at the height of the pandemic. I saw that NoTraffic has the ability to fundamentally change how people and goods are moved throughout the world, and had the leadership that cared about making a positive impact on society.

// What’s the most mis-understood thing about your job?
I think the most misunderstood thing is that traffic engineers – like myself – can “solve” traffic. This is no more true than someone knowing the exact right stock to pick or rolling a seven on a craps table. “Traffic” is a very complex problem that no one person can wave a magic wand and fix, and is affected by multiple disciplines, like physics, psychology, economics, etc. To get even near enough to solve traffic, the traffic industry will have to work across disciplines and with the latest technology to improve the quality of the travel experience for all road users.

// Why would you recommend people to join you?
If you want to work with people who care and really make a difference in the lives of others.

// What’s your favorite hobby, how a typical weekend looks like?
Kayaking all around Florida. The State has a number of fresh and salt water areas to explore. Diving is another (less frequent) hobby that we do. If I’m not in the water, I’m probably playing bass with a few local bands that I am in.

// How do you spend your time commuting to work?
Very slowly and with my dogs, as I work from home.