04 May 2022

Vehicles technology

At the beginning of 2022, NoTraffic conducted a live demo of its connected infrastructure capability.

The demo highlighted the safety implications of vehicle to infrastructure (v2x) communication, focusing on the prevention of accidents with red light runners and/or pedestrians.

What is V2X?

V2X, vehicles to everything, is an intelligent transportation communication, allowing vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and their environment. V2X applications enable seeing around blind corners, improving safety for all road users.

V2X and NoTraffic System – How does it work?

Red Light Runner Accident Prevention

NoTraffic system detects a driver who is about to run a red light. Based on this information, the system sends a warning to the connected vehicle regarding a possible collision, instructing him to slow down.

collision alert to connected vehicles by notraffic

red light runner accident prevent

Pedestrian Accident Prevention

Once the system detects a pedestrian who is about to jump into the road , it sends a warning to the connected vehicle regarding a possible collision with a pedestrian, allowing the driver to react on time and stop the car before hitting the pedestrian.

According to

NHTSA’s estimation

, full adoption of only two V2X safety applications will result in the prevention of up to half a million crashes and save around 1,000 lives a year. This is due to the fact that only V2X can see around corners.

pedestrian accident prevented with v2x and NoTraffic platform

About NoTraffic

NoTraffic is a traffic management platform that optimizes lights in real-time, based on smart sensors. The platform prepares the road infrastructure for the connected and autonomous era, relying on its advanced capabilities of vehicle to infrastructure communication (V2I) and tracking objects in real time.