28 Aug 2019 News

Unex and NoTraffic union to bring V2I benefits


NoTraffic’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered traffic management platform will be integrated with Unex’s SOM-301 unit, which provides traffic optimization and information exchange between infrastructure and vehicles through dual-format V2I communication technologies. The SOM-301 is a self-contained System-on-Module that is based on Autotalks’ Craton2/Pluton2 global V2X chipset which supports both dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) based on 802.11p/ITS-G5 standards and cellular V2X (C-V2X) based on 3GPP release 14 and 15 specifications with embedded V2X cyber-security functionality. The SOM-301 module integrates V2X essential hardware and software components and features Unex’s proprietary V2Xcast technology, which is an integrated modular framework that provides V2X communication and supports V2X application deployment with flexibility and scalability.

Based in Israel and the USA, NoTraffic has developed an automated traffic management platform that uses AI to solve current travel challenges while preparing the roads for the connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) era. The company’s platform integrates the edge computing line-of-sight sensors such as camera and radar to collect data with access to its cloud-based dashboard, and uses advanced AI algorithms to identify and track all road users to mitigate traffic impact. The platform enables cities to define policies such as emergency vehicle preemption, transit priority or pedestrian access using the cloud dashboard. AI algorithms intelligently implement city policies at each traffic signal in real-time, autonomously managing an entire grid to optimize vehicle flow.

When Unex’s SOM-301 module is integrated with NoTraffic’s platform, the system is capable of identifying various road users and communicating this information using DSRC or C-V2X to oncoming vehicles. The two companies envisage the role for V2X as 360-degree non-line-of-sight sensing that can exchange safety messages between infrastructure and vehicles. Vehicles will alert drivers and, in the future, automatically brake to avoid potential accidents during certain scenarios. By combining V2X together with AI algorithms, both technologies will enable traffic optimization by cutting congestion, reducing emissions and preventing accidents.

“While more and more vehicles are connected and autonomous capabilities rapidly progressing, smart road infrastructure is still in its infancy. Establishing a communication channel between infrastructure and road users is crucial in order to make the roads safer and more efficient,” said NoTraffic’s CEO, Tal Kreisler. “Our collaboration with Unex will allow us to accelerate the deployment of our platform. This significant milestone sets the basis for preparing the roads to the era of connected and autonomous transportation. Our system is already deployed across a number of locations in the USA, expanding to additional locations in the coming months.”

Nick Lee, executive VP of Unex Technology, said, “Integrating our V2X technology within NoTraffic’s Smart Traffic Management Platform shows a great use case that V2X can work perfectly with AI algorithms and other sensors in smart intersections. It is not a prototype or a theory, but a concrete solution that can optimize traffic flow and road user safety.”

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