03 May 2020 News

The Intersection of Traffic and Tech

  • Most traffic systems were designed 100 years ago and simply can’t handle modern congestion

The INRIX’s 2017 traffic Scorecard reports that traffic congestion has costed the United States. UK and Germany a combined total of $461 billion in 2017. And as more people move to large cities, the issue of traffic congestion will only increase if the current traffic management systems are not optimized.

Currently, we are watching the auto industry make huge advancements in development from Tesla’s Autopilot to Cadilac’s Escalade and with L2 vehiocles becoming more commonplace it does make the current, somewhat archaic traffic system seem quite outdated. The traffic system used today by most cities and counties was developed nearly 100 years ago so it makes sense that it has not tackled the traffic congestion problem that exists now, especially when vehicles have evolved in leaps and bounds in the last century.

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