11 September 2022

Intersection Safety Insights

Red-light runners are a nation-wide road ‘pandemic’. Their speed and unexpected impact are what makes this kind of traffic incident so deadly and are the most common cause of all urban crashes. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that more than 165,000 pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists are injured annually by red-light runners – killing more than 2 people on average every day.



For traffic engineers, the lack of visibility into the risk associated with red-light runners in an intersection remains an obstacle – shortage of data can make it difficult to quantify the safety risk. NoTraffic has a dedicated data-driven approach to improving the well-being of all road users. Safety is at the heart of what we do at NoTraffic. We believe that digitizing and investing in our infrastructure is an essential first step. By leveraging the NoTraffic Hardware Enabled SaaS Platform, our sophisticated detection sensors, algorithms and real-time optimization, the lntersection Safety lnsights package can mitigate potential risks and help.

Our system can detect the following tiers of red light running (RLR) events:

Tier 1- Drivers in the intersection during the yellow phase

Tier2- Drivers in the intersection during the all red phase

Tier 3- Drivers in the intersection when a conflicting phase is green


Top-Line Benefits:

Enable the traffic practitioner to identify there is a problem

Understand the causality in a data-driven approach

Develop, implement and Measure effective safety measures


Features and Capabilities:

Provides a detailed analysis of the trends and problem areas of red-light running in an intersection & at city levels

Offers actionable insights to reduce the potential risk from future red-light running

Sorts incidents by classification type (Tier 1,2,3)

Provides comparative analysis to determine the effectiveness of different red-light running countermeasures

Sorts incidents by customizable parameters – time of day, amount per month/week/day/hour

Shows areas of improvement and decline

Sorts incidents by roadway user type

Validates red-light running events





We should be using innovation a powerful tool to advance the goals of the Road-Safety Plan – safety, equity, climate, economic strength, and preparing our Country for the future | USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg