Our technology

How it works

NoTraffic digitizes road infrastructure management, allowing cities to manage their entire grid.

vmc dashboard

Virtual management center (VMC)

Using NoTraffic’s VMC, city officials define transportation policies which are implemented through the platform on both a local intersection and city-grid scale. The NoTraffic platform is managed via a cloud-native user portal.

This VMC includes a full data analytics suite with detailed vehicle counts, a running log of signal operations, and real-time status information. Users select from a variety of user-friendly traffic policy preferences such as prioritizing pedestrians at certain intersections or establishing a public transit corridor along a bus route.

at city-grid level

  • sensor

    Plug & Play AI sensors provide human-eye-level measurement of approaching road users.

  • pc

    Essential data of all road users is streamed to the cloud in real-time for additional processing.

  • traffic light

    The platform then operates autonomously to reduce delay time by optimizing traffic signals at the city grid level.

camera icon
AI Sensor

Installed at each intersection approach to provide road-user detection and classification via a fusion of machine vision and radar.

Users are classified at a human-eye level on the edge (bikes, pedestrians, trucks, buses, cars, emergency vehicles, etc.). Anonymized processed data is streamed to the cloud for city-grid coordination.

Connected vehicle capabilities (DSRC and C-V2X) are integrated directly into the sensor units.

optimization engine icon
Optimization Engine

Installed in the traffic light cabinet and retrofitting all types of existing traffic controllers.

The AI optimization engine aggregates sensor data from each approach, calculates optimization variables, and monitors safety.

The AI optimization engine also acts as a gateway to cloud-based data analytics software and the user portal.

Platform Key Features

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Cyber secured
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Pedestrian /bicycle prioritization
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Future Proof: V2X Enabler
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Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)
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Transit Signal Priority (TSP)
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Red Light Extension (RLE)
Benefits of the platform per intersection, annually:



stat icon lag
Hours saved



stat icon car
co2 emissions reduced

up to 70%

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cost reduction